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If a lifestyle change is in your cards, there is nothing better to kick it off than by purchasing a new home. But just like everything else, it has to be done with style and inspiration. And nothing beats buying an opulent residence, capable of making your in-laws green with envy and, above all, darn expensive.

There is just such a place, a 103-room mansion spreading out over 58 acres of gardens and woodlands called Updown Court located in Windlesham, Surrey, England. Now, this is quite a home for the extrovert purchaser who is into sports and doesn’t mind carrying a little extra mortgage updowntoday. This particular property offers several ballrooms, an indoor squash court, a two-lane bowling alley and a poolroom just as well. If the wife likes gardening, she will find her pleasures in the 11-acre landscaped and manicured garden, and chatting with fine neighbours the likes of the Duchess of York, Elton John, and, at nearby Windsor Castle, the Queen of England has never been easier.

To impress your friends, the entrance hall features a sweeping dual staircase modeled after one in the late fashion designer Gianni Versace’s Miami home. Behind the staircase, a great hall supported by marble columns looks onto an ornamental pond, which holds a fountain that, at the flick of a switch, sprays water 200 feet in the air.

Marble abounds. Five acres of more than 30 different types of imported stone line the floors, driveway, and expansive terraces. One indoor swimming pool is styled as a Roman bath, while another is set off by a two-story stone mosaic depicting a snow-capped Mount Fuji (that would be in Japan… ).

This 50, 000 square foot house may be just what you need to escape your daily routine, with its heated marble driveway, 24-carat gold leafing on the mosaic floor of the study, a helipad for your flying trips to the store, the 50-seat indoor movie theater and the underground garage that has enough room to harbor eight limousines. Guests can be lodged in anyone of the 23 bedrooms but really – and in my professional view this is perhaps the most important bonus – the cost of upkeeping is a modest USD 2 million per year.

Conveniently priced at USD 138 million (that’s right, million with a “m” as in Mary), this is no doubt Luigi’s hand-picked bargain of the year. And the added plus is that it can be paid for also in Sterlings – now, who could ask for anything more. Just the perfect place to drop your darn Yankee accent… yeah.

If, on the other hand, you do not wish to leave North america and like horses, may I suggest the Hala Ranch to your otherwise inquisitive attention. The Hala Ranch – as one can intuitively deduct from the name – is the property of Prince Bandar bin Sultan bin Abdul Aziz Al Saud (but make an offer and you can call him Al). The Prince, who used to be the Saudi ambassador to the united states, is selling as he has taken up the position of National Security Counselor back in Saudi Arabia. This 56, 000 square feet home is just what you need if you are looking for a little country décor, peace and tranquility. The estate has its own wastewater treatment plant thus allowing you to save on sewer charges, and a mechanical shop with its own gasoline pumps and carwash. Cross-country ski trails are maintained throughout the property. The centerpiece lodge of the estate is larger than the White House, so if Hillary wins you are going to make her green with envy too. It is built in a rustic style, with massive timber beams and stone columns, and contains 15 bedrooms, all with patios, and 16 bathrooms, just in case one gets all clogged up. Celebrities have houses that cost a couple of million and when looking at your own home, you can’t help but wonder what would you do with that amount. What type of renovations would you build or what would your dream home look like.

Updown Court in England is by far the most expensive house on the planet. It is standing at about 139 million dollars, or 75 million pounds. Developer Leslie Allen-Vercoe currently owns it, although he has put it up for sale. Originally Prince Sami Gayed of Egypt owned the home, but it was damaged in a fire. When you think about 139 million dollars, it is hard to wrap your head around it. We all have dreams of what we would do with just one million, so when thinking about building a house for that amount the options and features are limitless.

Leslie added numerous elements to the house including 5 swimming pools, a squash court and a double lane bowling alley. The house has 103 rooms, 22 of them being exclusive on-suite bedrooms. There is a tennis court and 24 carat gold leafing on the library floor as well as a 50-seat cinema.

That is all pretty impressive, but if an average person were to spend 75 million pounds on building a house, gold leaf flooring probably wouldn’t be on the list of what they wanted. Donald Trump’s house in Palm Beach isn’t quite 75 million pounds but probably includes more items on the average person’s want-list.

His house stands at 125 million dollars and is known as the Waterfront Mansion. Trump bought it in 2004 from a health care executive. It contains 15 bedrooms and 14 bathrooms. For entertainment he has a 4, 100 square foot conservatory, a media room, library and 3 pools. Trump’s estate is on the top 10 list of most expensive homes in america. His penthouse at the Trump Towers is also on the list. The penthouse costs around 58 million dollars. This is attributed to the panoramic views of the city from the penthouse.

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