Monetizing Your Website Via Google Ads

If your website is still fairly new – and especially if you are still in the planning stages – you will no doubt be thinking about the design and how it will work to attract more visitors. You’ll need to think about basics such as a website counter, a strong home page and a good navigation system as well.

But you could also consider monetizing your site in some way. There are many ways to do this and depending on what kind of focus your website has this may be your sole aim, or simply an additional way to make money buy verified adwords account. For example if you are selling products on your site then monetizing it in some other way – such as through Google ads – will provide an extra income stream. If you are simply providing information and not selling anything then you will need to employ methods such as Google AdSense to make any money from your site at all.

Google AdSense is free to join and it allows you to insert adverts on your website that are directly related to the subject of your site. It stands to reason that these should get a better response and click through rate because they will be for exactly the kind of product and service that your visitors will be interested in.

The Google AdSense program allows you to be quite free and in control of how the adverts look when you insert them on your site, which means you can enhance their performance even more. Google takes care of making sure the right type of ads are shown, and it’s your job to ensure they look as good as possible.

It’s important to experiment with where you put the adverts, as you will find that some page positions will do much better than others when it comes to a good click through rate. It can also work well to opt out of a border around the edge of your adverts, since this helps to point them out as adverts. Google lets you do this so it is perfectly legal within their terms and conditions; it is advisable to read through their do’s and dont’s however before you start getting your Google ads up and running.

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