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India with the dawn of the millennium is facing an IT explosion where the IT industry is growing leaps & bounds and expanding multi-dimensionally. Presently India has more than 3000 IT service providers and the sector is projected to grow at a rate of 35% in the year 2007. In the year 2006, the 12 largest Indian IT companies generated a revenue of 11 billion USD. This growth is not only peculiar to metros but has trickled down to tier II & tier III cities as well. Today one can witness a boom in cities like Pune, Jaipur, Chandigarh, Mysore, kochi, Vishakhapatnam and Ahmedabad.

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This growth has also spawn the need for hiring more and more IT resources to sustain and drive the growth rate further. Hence, a need to hire skilled professionals has emerged among all streams of the IT sector such as: IT education & training, Computer programming, Software development, Software Engineering, Database Administrator Professional SOP Writing Services, Network Systems & Data Communication Analysts, Technical writing, Content Development, Technical support, Hardware Design, System Administration, Web development, Quality Assurance, Call center support, Internet/Intranet development, E-commerce, Help desk/end user support.

The present situation is very meaty for any IT professional, as there are openings generating for all be it a fresher, project manager or team leader, hence, giving a job seeker several career options. But at the same time with so many IT courses available and lakhs of IT graduates entering the job market every year, competition is also getting fierce. So, for you to beat the competition and stay ahead of the crowd here are some tips from the team of, India’s number 1 job site.

We think the world has changed and that somehow the experiences of today’s entrepreneurs are different than yesterdays. Is it really different? With Columbus Day upon us, I thought we’d step back in time and take a look at Christopher Columbus through the eyes of today’s entrepreneurs and start-ups. Columbus was an explorer and an adventurer, but today he would simply have been called an entrepreneur.

Christopher Columbus was born around 1451 to a father, who worked in the textile industry as a woolcomber, and was of small means.

Today’s Perspective: Christopher Columbus was not well-connected and he had to build his professional network to achieve his goals. Certainly, funding was not to be found among family and friends of his early childhood.

Columbus spent his youth sailing on small vessels. In one of his writings, Columbus claims to have gone to the sea at the age of 10. Yet, a seemingly contradictory statement by the admiral has him becoming a sailor at 14. In the early 1470s, he served on a Genoese ship associated with the failed attempt to conquer the Kingdom of Naples. However, during the same years of 1470 – 1473 he can be found following the family business of weaving. In May 1476, he sailed on a convoy attacked by a privateer – two of the four ships escaped. His voyages continued into northern Europe. In 1479, Columbus settled in Portugal, where he worked with his brother as a mapmaker.

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