Tips for New York Airport Transportation To and From JFK

In 2010, it witnessed 46,514,154 (46.52 million) people travelling using its strips, and the growth has not slowed down even since. It means, on an average, JKF caters to 127,435 passengers every day, 5,310 passengers every hour, and 88.5 luchthavenvervoer Gent every minute. Isn’t it wise to rent a car from a New York airport transportation service provider when one has to commute via JFK?

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Let’s understand the above claim. One needs a New York limo to travel o and from JFK because the road from NYC to JFK always remains crowded. On an average for every passenger there happen to be at least 2 attendants coming to the airport to see the passenger off, this happens mostly when the passenger has is an international flight to catch. It means, every hour the road leading to the airport has to ferry around 16,000 people. This is a lot of traffic. Hence, hiring a limo to travel to and from the airport in New York is always recommended.

Distance of JFK from downtown New York is the first thing that comes to mind when one thinks of travelling to and from JFK. The international airport is 12 miles southeast of Lower Manhattan, in the borough of Queens in New York City. Going 12 miles on an empty road is nothing, but think what will be the situation like when you have to cover the same distance on a street where traffic crawls at a snail pace.

Despite the fact that New York has the least number of personal automobile ownership and high use of public transport, the roads in the Big Apple remains clogged. The road is used by 200,000 bicyclists, 13,087 taxis, 5,900 buses, and personal cars. With 48% of car ownership, the ownership of personal car in NY is the lowest in the country, and only 30% of New Yorkers who own cars take them out on the road. 30% of New Yorkers sound less, but when put in the right perspective one knows that even this much is enough to cause chaos, as 30% of 8.18 million people is not less by any measure.

Traveling to another city on a business trip can be exciting as well as tiring. The packing, preparation, anticipation, the long journey and waiting for taxis at the airport can take its toll and make you feel exhausted. You can bring this down to some level by opting for airport transportation services. It is an easy way to commute in the new city and makes you feel more comfortable. However, there are a few things that you must remember when you use airport transports.

There are many different car service providers who deal in advance car booking and can help you avoid the wait for taxis at the airport. So in case you are planning to get a car then make sure that company you choose provides with timely service as well. Most of these companies have professionally trained drivers who know the routes around and can get you to your destination on time. This can surely help you relax and enjoy the drive.

Another thing that you must remember is that instead of choosing a shared airport shuttle service, it is better to opt for your own car. In case of a shared ride, the fare does come out to be cheaper but then at the same time, you are required to wait for other passengers before you can leave. Sharing your ride with a complete stranger can also be quite uncomfortable.

If you are on a business trip, the kind of car you choose for your airport transport does make an impression on your clients or associates. Therefore you can choose airport transportation service provider who which deal in luxury cars. For instance, Airport Trans maintains a good fleet of cars which includes luxury cars like Sedan, Limousines and other such impressive cars. If you are traveling in groups stretch limousine and buses are also available with the car providers.

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