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Different countries of the world have different taste. Each region of same country differs in taste and food varieties. One such typical Japanese dish is Sushi 日本和牛. When you hear this word Sushi, it feels like we are discussing about the well known game: Magic Sushi. Well, here we are not discussing about any sushi game but this article is about Sushi which is a Japanese cuisine. Let’s learn what Sushi exactly is in Detail.

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Sushi is a Japanese dish made of cooked rice with vinegar added to it along with different ingredients such as seafood, tropical fruits, and vegetables. This dish is mainly prepared with brown or white rice. This is served with ginger and soya sauce.

History says that Sushi was first prepared in South East Asia and the meaning of this term is “sour tasting”. Primarily, sushi was known as nare-zushi which is dish made of fermented fish wrapped in sour fermented rice. The name Sushi was found by Hanaya Yohei. This Sushi was a form of fast food and wasn’t fermented.

Like we Indians prepare different types of rice, in the same way this Japanese food; Sushi also has different types which have one ingredient in common and that is vinegar rice. These varieties have different types of fillings such as spices, condiments, toppings and fillings.

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