Sun. Aug 14th, 2022

In 1940 during World War II, London was Bombed and British cities were destroyed. From September 7th 1940 to May 21st 1941, London suffered at least 100 long tons of high explosives.Over a series of 267 days London was bombed 71 times. With being only 1 year into the war London was bombed for 57 consecutive nights by Luftwaffe.

57 consecutive nights is a long time to be stuck in one area with no access to food or water other than what you already have stored away, and over time the food you do have stored away goes bad. What would happen if WW III came about, at this time and day everybody has access to high explosives. It won’t just be London that has to take cover surviving underground still praying that they won’t get hit. It is imperative to take caution 7.62×39 hunting ammo for every situation this world of ours has to offer. Allow for you to feel comfort by Providing what You need for yourself and your family. Let your family live a comfortable life style during these terrible times. Become involved into survival and preparedness foods, water filtration systems, and learn how to become self-sufficient.

Freeze-dried foods have boomed this past few years in profit do to the awareness and caution of people preparing for the worst to happen. Fear is a motivator to get yourself ready for the unexpected, and it is the unexpected that people fear. There are plenty of companies and businesses that would gladly help you prepare for unthinkable disasters, and there are many several ways to be prepared. Preparedness is a puzzle that is placed together with little pieces. You just can’t have food, you just can’t have guns, or ammo. You will need to invest into it all in order to be sufficient enough to survive on your own, and the more people you try to take care of the harder it gets to operate and manage what you have.

In order to become self-sufficient, Step one you need water. Not any water will help you though. You will need clean purified water. Drinking contaminated water sources can make you very ill, and could also kill you. Millions of people die each year do to water contamination and consuming it. Food is the next resource you will need, though it is not as important as water, it is a valuable necessity that your body needs. When time get hard and the world went and goes bad, Food will be very difficult to come by and will be the worlds new currency. All food goes bad, so it is a good idea to look into these companies that sell survival and preparedness foods. These foods they sell have a much longer shelf-life span than any food you will jar up or buy from your local food mart, usually lasting from 10 to 25 years. Learning to harvest your food is the best solution to everlasting supply of food. Even if you can not grow your food outdoors like most of the population does, take an effort into growing crops indoors. Become interested into learning what you may need to grow crops indoors, and learn how it works. Clean water is needed to grow healthy crops. using dirty water can kill the crop or even make you sick when consuming the fruits and vegetables.

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