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In a nutshell, using electric current for muscle stimulation is old news. Originally, DC (direct current) was used. Years ago, the industry found that AC (alternating current) could be used, and was tolerated much better (less or no pain). The industry stuck with AC current, and very low voltage.

The ARP inventors went back to using DC at high voltage, because they say the benefits of DC far exceed AC bipap machine . They patented a background electric wave which they say reduces the pain of the therapy. They also developed proprietary exercises.

According to the inventor: The joint deteriorates because the muscles go from being “Like a new bungie cord”, to being like an “old rubber band”, and can no longer absorb shock. Much of the problem is loss of good circulation. The ARP Wave Therapy restores circulation.

Ten sessions of about fifteen minutes each, followed by forty exercise sessions, after which they say you’re done. And the cost? About $2,000. The small machine is sent to your home. A therapist directs you on how to use the machine on Skype. Skype is a free video and voice connection across the internet. You’ll have to have a laptop and know how to use it. If you don’t, we all know someone who has one and will help.

Go to You Tube and put “ARP Therapy” in the search window. You’ll find 36 videos. The history of this starts in the Soviet Union and the Olympic Coaches who used DC electric current. Is ARP popular with athletes in the USA? The NFL is using 290 machines.

A pad with a wire attached from the machine, is placed on your lower leg. Another at your point of most intense pain. The dial is turned up to your level of discomfort (they say it’s not really pain – just “discomfort”). Next, you’ll do movements with the machine on. They say this process causes scar tissue on the muscle to come off. The muscle is then able to build back to normal levels.

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