Sun. Aug 7th, 2022

Exam gloves, in whichever situation they are used, need to meet certain stringent criterion, so that optimal protection against infection, contaminants and chemicals are obtained. Nitrile Exam Gloves have emerged as the preferred choice here for the superior protection that they offer, sans the risk of allergy or dermatitis which is often the problem in using Latex gloves for examination Security+ exam .

Nitrile is a special kind of polymer, created out of a number of compounds, which when combined together form a base like rubber. At the time of inception, Nitrile Gloves were more commonly used in the chemical and abrasion units in the world, while now they are rampantly used in numerous professions, which also include the medical/healthcare industry, especially areas and set-ups which pose high risk of contact and contamination.

Reduced allergic sensitivities

Latex is a big name in examination gloves but it often triggers allergic reactions in wearers due to the presence of rubber proteins in it. Some standard gloves in the range also come powdered, which can again be inhaled by the user or absorbed by his skin to set off a number of sensitive reactions.

Nitrile Exam gloves turn up as the savior here as they are capable of offering the same degree of stringency in protection against contamination and contact as latex, but not the irritation and discomfort that the latter often activates. The chemical make-up of Nitrile is something very different, which houses neither any chemical nor any powder that can react with the user body in an adverse manner. Rather it is a polymer composed of certain compounds. Naturally, any allergic reaction from the use of Nitrile Exam gloves is unlikely, making these gloves a unique substitute for Latex, particularly in clinical/surgical set-ups.

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