How To Last Longer During Sex – 4 Wrong Beliefs That Prevent You From Having Passionate Sex

If you are one of the men out there who are searching for a solution to your premature ejaculation issue or simply finding an answer to the question of how to last longer during sex, I strongly believe that you would want to know what can hinder you from achieving the best possible results from any solution you may choose. Shibuya Kaho You will never regain your confidence in your sex performance until you free yourself from these incorrect beliefs. And here they are:

This is the most common and ridiculous misunderstanding among men. It is also the most-damaging belief that kills the man’s confidence and destroys his sex performance. Please wake up and rub your eyes. Let me tell you the truth. What you see on TV or Internet is faked. It is edited and it is just “performance” in the meaning of entertainment industry. If you hold on to the goal of acting like a porn star, you will absolutely have no chance of success. I am 99 plus 1% sure.

Wrong again! The truth is the opposite. This belief may also be misled by tons of porn you have been watching. Most women don’t even need thrusting that fast or hard. Most of the time they prefer you to thrust gently and at slower speeds because it shows her how much compassion and control you have. And just by thrusting at lower speeds you can stay longer.

Totally wrong! This is the fact. Most men at some point in their life suffer from premature ejaculation. And here may be one of the most shocking truths that you have ever heard: the average time for the North American men from entry to ejaculation is two minutes. It is two minutes, gentlemen. The conclusion here is that there are not only you who are struggling with premature ejaculation and desperately looking for the answer to the question of how to last longer during sex. There are millions of men who are suffering and doing that.

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