Can You Get A Culinary Arts College Degree Online?

The culinary arts field is an up and coming popular choice for new high school graduates and for those who presently work in the food industry and who want to make culinary arts their profession. As a result, many who choose the field of culinary arts are seeking to get a culinary arts college degree online Mua bằng cấp 3 . The question is, can your entire culinary arts degree be completed online?

The simple answer to this question is “no”. There are culinary arts colleges who do offer a combination program of online classes and hands on, brick and mortar classroom work. The reason a culinary arts college degree cannot simply be completed online alone is because of the practical nature of what is being offered. A true chef in the making will not be satisfied with virtual cooking. It’s great to watch a video on baking a wedding cake and take a test on it, but it is a totally different story to have to prepare that same wedding cake in the real world.

In addition, there are many stresses that the chef in the making will encounter while being in a hands-on environment. There are sights and sounds and deadlines to meet. There are waiters and waitresses calling out their orders and who are in a hurry to please their customers so they can make good tips.

As a result, schools like the Art Institute of Pittsburgh and Le Cordon Bleu offer a combination of hands-on and online courses. For example, most college degrees whether two year or four year degrees require a certain amount of credits that do not have anything to do with your field of study or major.

Culinary arts is a popular field and the job opportunities are becoming more abundant. If you have a goal in mind of becoming a top chef, for example, you will want to talk to the chefs, the owners or the personnel managers in some of the better restaurants or restaurant chains first to see where most of their employees come from.

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