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When you own a website business around 90% of your work is marketing, as passing trade is very rare online. Making money online is very enjoyable, though contrary to the belief of many, it is actually work. There are many methods for marketing your business. Here is a great way to do just that.

Ok, as the title suggests we are looking at HubPages and blogs and just how to get them out there to the public HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . This method of marketing is extremely easy and straight forward. I do, by the way, use all the other methods such as article marketing and business forums and these are also very easy and they do bring in traffic to your website business.

HubPages is a great social networking site, very easy to get to grips with and it most certainly brings in traffic to your site if used correctly ASSOCIATE HEALTH CHECK HOME DEPOT . Writing content on the site is a breeze and you can include photographs, links and video’s etc. Do not blatantly promote yourself or your website business to be making money on the internet as you will be frowned upon by the site owner and by potential customers – they don’t like it.

Blogs, which really are mini websites, are also a breeze where you can add almost anything it seems. Photo’s with links to your site, news reels, video’s and so on. I think that gone are the days when you could write a blog, ping it on Pingomatic and hey presto, lots of traffic. It just doesn’t have the powerful effect it had a few years back. Still ping your blog though, it’s better than not doing it.

Now here’s the thing that possibly lots of folk miss out on. Once you have your Hub or blog, don’t just leave them at that hoping traffic will swarm to them. Post them on social bookmarking sites as they will accept Hubs and blogs very readily.

Here’s the bookmarking sites I use but of course, this is my choice and you are free to use whichever you feel comfortable with. I use, Digg, Mixx, Subbmitt, LinksMarker, Redditt and There are other out there like Twitter and Stumbleupon and so on.

Something that never ceases to amaze me is people who have the “Field of Dreams” movie mindset. “If I build it, they will come.” People launch brand new websites and actually think they can just plaster it with Google AdSense and begin to plan an early retirement. That intuition came true for Kevin Costner in the movie, but on the internet, nothing could be further from the truth. Realize that hundreds of thousands of web pages are added to the internet everyday. Not to mention the countless websites that already exist on the internet.

So, how exactly do you expect visitors to find your website? To put it simply, if your not getting a substantial amount of web traffic, making money from text ads will never happen. Ask yourself “what kind of content would make visitors want to regularly visit your website?” This is very important. Think about what websites you visit most often. Why do you visit these websites so frequently? It’s most likely because those websites feature ‘fresh unique content’ that’s interesting. This is why popular blogs, news sites & social media websites get the bulk of all internet traffic.

Blogs are most definitely the best choice when it comes to monetization. Popular blogs offer reviews & tips while allowing the visitors to connect with like minded individuals. Before you think about serving up ads to your website visitors, you should really focus on delivering fresh unique content regularly. Unless you’re an expert at internet marketing, you will need to learn everything you can about traffic generation.

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