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A web blog is a type of website maintained by individuals or organizations with the aim of getting regular comments from the readers. It may include graphics or videos. They provide commentary or news on particular topics while others function as personal web diaries. Link building involves posting a URL (Universal Resource Locator) path in a blog or web page so that readers can follow the path and get certain details on a particular topic. It involves negotiating with web or blog owners in order for them to allow you to build a link in their web pages or blogs. In some instances, some websites offer link building for free and even direct traffic from the blogs to the links.

One of the ways to using a blog as a link building tool is to ask the visitors politely to link or embed your blog to their blogs or websites. Often, the viewers will do so as long as the information provide there is relevant, unique and information that not many others do not offer.

Another easy way to build links in blogs is to participate in theme oriented forums These forums involve sending reactions to a certain theme started by the owner or just anyone in the blog. Several web pages and blogs provide room for forums, where people can comment and share on certain topic issues provided by the author or an independent person in the blog.

Blog pages like Yahoo Best Answers, Facebook groups and Google groups provide answers to questions on several topics. Users ask questions and others with the knowledge/answers try to give the best answers to the questions asked. In this case, people build links or provide URL paths that tend to answer the questions in mind. Others write articles on topical themes and invite comments for them.

Online encyclopedias like Wikipedia and squidoo provide users with the ability to create pages in them and therefore one can create a link back to your blog or website. Further, web feed formats such as RSS (Really Simple Syndicate) can be very important link building tool. Here, publishers syndicate the regularly updated RSS which in many instances include news headlines, audio, videos and general texts posted in a standardized format and this is called a feed. Subsequently, subscribers benefit by reading aggregate feeds from many sites into one place. Here, one can build a link to certain information that is related to the theme.

Video blogs like YouTube allows people to set up videos and further allow users to embed the videos on their blogs or websites. More often than not, people build a viewing audience rather than anchoring text passing links. These videos can include visual texts and moving objects which may have links to some other websites or blogs. Here, audio files can also be set up for listeners. Some of these video blogs provide forums and commentary areas. Users can go ahead and post links by embedding URL texts and articles on the commentary area. Therefore, for optimal link building, blogs offer the best in this regard.

The concept of blogging has permeated every nook of the internet’s virtual world. A blog is synonymous to the modern day diary that claiming not to know about it officially makes one naïve and outdated. Save yourself from being labeled ignorant and start filling yourself with information regarding this basic question – ‘What is a blog?’

A blog is a contraction of the word weblog, which is actually a kind of website maintained by a specific person by regularly uploading it with informational entries. Depending on the weblog goal, the information may be opinion based or may be validly supported by existing facts in the internet, with references provided. Technological advancement has allowed blog postings to include a video or a desired graphic in the site. The writer is nowadays referred to as a blogger and the word blog is presently being conveniently used as a verb. To be able to sufficiently answer the question ‘what is a blog?’ you need to learn how the blogging process works and the technicalities involved.

A term frequently mentioned whenever people talk about blogs is the niche. Those who intend to make their blogs cater to a specific group of consumers serve a definite niche. Staying with the intended niche more or less guarantee readership. It will be easy to navigate a blog that consistently talks about dogs, or about fashion, or about real estate than the one with a mixture of topics. For those who are not into marketing and just would like to have an internet journal, personal blog diaries can narrate about anything under the sun, without the need to retain visitors. This main difference about the major types of blogs is an essential knowledge to sufficiently respond to the query ‘what is a blog?’ You can definitely earn from your blog through advertising, and advertisers choose according to their market niche.

Blogging has continuously been evolving in such a way that it inevitably interlinks with the different aspects of society. The issue on personal freedom of expression was posed after an airline company fired one of its flight attendant allegedly for keeping a blog about her flight duties. It is also common to hear about news stations correcting its previous news because of a massive blogging reaction. Blogs certainly have contributed to enabling the people claim their rights on correct information. So whenever you get the question ‘what is a blog?’ you should be prepared for a meaningful discussion.

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